Starter Kit Weedbox de Medussa-Protect. Greenbud Seeds. 1

Starter Kit Weedbox de Medussa-Protect. Greenbud Seeds. 1

Descripción del producto
Welcome to the self-cultivation with Medussa-Protect The Starter Kit Weedbox of Medussa-Protetct SL, is a new kit of initiation of first quality, thought for all those people that wish to begin in the self-cultivation with all the guarantees of success. Our Weedbox is self-assembling and becomes an incredible 7.3 liter pot. Inside the kit you will find the best substrate, BIOBIZZ All Mix, two coconut fiber discs for the substrate to create the perfect mix. We also include a jiffy to germinate the selected seed and the supplement for seeds nº1 of the market, the Medussa. Genética. Black in Black

Precio: EUR 29,95

  • kit completo de iniciación al cultivo medicinal.

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