Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Grow / Bloom / Micro Fertilizante Mineral Para El Crecimiento y la Floración 500ml

Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Grow / Bloom / Micro Fertilizante Mineral Para El Crecimiento y la Floración 500ml

Descripción del producto
The combination of the pH perfect technology, simplified mixing rates and level of chelation in the balanced nutrient ratios ensure that crops always have access to the highest level of nutrition and vitality boosters possible growers using the pH perfect technology nutrient technology will not have to worry about pH in their nutrient solutions, because the new formulas are able to adjust the pH to the optimal range automatically.

Combining an optimal pH level with these cutting edge chelates has growers reporting back with a new standard in yield expectations. In fact, the chelation technology used is so effective, that nutrients would still remain available to plants in conditions that would not normally allow crops to grow at all.

However, growers won’t need to worry about that because the formulas keep your pH in the optimal range at all times. The grow, micro, bloom combo pack provides you with all three components of our advanced three-part feeding program. Together, grow, micro, and bloom make up a superior hydroponics fertilizer that provides optimal nutrition. If you want to achieve fast growth, high yields, and incredible products, choose grow, micro, bloom. Promotes healthy plants and fastest growth possible, pharmaceutical grade precursors, more chelates per micronutrient than other manufacturers, nutrient absorption from a broader pH spectrum, concentrated, less-expensive formula, easy to use.

Precio: EUR 24,32

  • 500 ml bundle set
  • Lush, sturdy growth from 3-part nutrients designed specifically for high value
  • 3 part solution: You get advanced nutrients bloom, micro and grow
  • State-of-the-art carrier molecules to ensure their plants get the maximum amount of nutrients
  • You will never have to worry about your pH again

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